Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Been Awhile....

So it's been awhile since I have been able to blog...busy weekends!  Last weekend I cheered my husband on as he ran a marathon in Milwaukee.  It was a rough one....but he finished!!  I love running but not sure if I could ever run 26.2 miles!!  This weekend was spent at the high school Friday night football game, apple and pumpkin picking at the orchard and taking care of a sick kiddo! 

Lots to share......

First off, I did manage to finish a word family activity that I've wanted to put together since the summer.  I thought I'd better get it done because it ties in with what we have been working on in our phonics program....rhyming words.  I got a bunch of Altoids containers, put a word family on a sticky note on the lid, and put a small handful of magnet letters inside. 

Word Family tins
I made a handout for the students to write down their words.  We have been talking a lot about real words and make believe words so that is what I focused my handout on.  Here is the picture of the handout.  If you are interested, leave your email in the comments, as soon as I get my Scrappindoodles license, I will send you a copy!
 I also wanted to share my Jungle books that I use daily in my classroom.  I absolutely love having them because they are a great go-to for students when they get done early, as well as a tool that we use throughout the day. 

Jungle Binder

letter tiles for word work
handwriting sheets

phonics keyword "cheat" sheet

more phonics "cheat" sheets

vocabulary work

poetry to use for fluency practice


There is also notebook paper at the front of the binder that we use for math work-like extra story problems or writing about what we did or learned in math.  this is still a work in progress since I am still getting use to the new math program.  On the back of the binder is a sheet of math number words for the students to use as well....forgot the picture.

If you are still hanging on for this long blog is an apple activity that we worked on last week.  We have been learning about apples...tis the season!   This week we learned about Johnny Appleseed, how apple trees grow, some of the names of the apples and the parts of the apple. One way we showed what we learned was labeling the parts of the apple in this craftivity.

Hopefully there will be more apple things to come!  We have a busy week wrapping up our study of apples (which includes homemade applesauce and other yummy things) and get report card testing done!  And it totally does not help that I will be home tomorrow with my sick kiddo!

Well, back to work on another long overdue project....graphic organizers for reading that go along with our ever-so-lovely reading program.