Monday, July 9, 2012

Pin-spiration: Writing Goals Chart

I was inspired by this pin on pinterest:

So I made this for my jungle themed classroom:

Love! If I do say so myself! I used a heavy duty overhead transparency, card stock, staples, ribbon and duck tape to put it all together. I made pockets to slide my goals in and out so they can be changed as the year progresses. I first stapled the transparency piece onto the card stock. 2 staples per side and 4 on the bottom, leaving the top open of course. Then I covered the staples with cheetah duck tape. Easy peasie!

The plan is to put student names on the clothespins, clip to the chart by the goal they are working on, and then move them as needed.  I am going to start the year with just 2-3 goals~depending on my students writing abilities.  (I will leave the bottom pockets empty until another goal is added.)

If you would like a copy of my goals for {FREE}, just answer one question:

What is the summer project on the top of your to-do list?
(school or non-school) 

Just leave me a comment with your email address and I will send it to you! 
(There are 10 goals in all.)

**UPDATE: These can be now downloaded for {FREE} at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Just click on the picture above!  Enjoy!


Miss Grippi

I'd love a copy. My summer goal is to not stress! Moving from kindergarten to 2nd grade-- nervous is an understatement!


Wow! I love your creation! I have the same picture pinned on one of my boards too! Thanks for sharing yours. This will look great in my new classroom as I am moving from K to 1st!
My top to do for school is actually my whole classroom design due to my move! However, I am most looking forward trying out the scrunchy bulletin board boarder! I think it will look great with my blues and greens! Thanks again for sharing!

Lisa R.

I have so many projects that I want to get done that I can't put my finger on just one! I guess my biggest one is to get all of my common core items cut out and laminated. :)I love your cards!!
Learning Is Something to Treasure


This is great! I love how it's a visual reminder for both the students and the teacher. One of my summer goals is to finally clean out and organize our garage. Thank you!
- Kelly Campbell :)

Michelle Woods

I love all your themed items! I too decided to use the jungle theme for my classroom. My biggest summer goal, since I am a first year teacher, is getting as many things ready for my classroom as I can. I am praying for a job this fall!


These are fantastic! I think I pinned the same pic on Pinterest, but have yet to implement. I would love a copy! My loftiest summer goal was to start my own blog, and I was able to get it set up last week. Your blog is awesome, thanks so much for sharing all that you do!
Colleen :-)


Those are soo cute! My summer is filled with grad school and trying to figure out how to better organize centers and just organize my classroom in general!


I have 2 big goals this summer. One seems to be what many are doing...organizing. Organizing stuff, lesson plans, center activities, my house. LOL My 2nd is to try to understand how to get my blog going and learn how to post things, linky parties, etc. Maybe this is too big for 1 summer but If I just start..right.
Pauline at


My top goal this summer is to get organized.

The First Grade Dream
Win an iPad for your classroom

Leah Mathis

Don't you just love Pinterest!! I get some of the best ideas there.

I am a follower and I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! I love your blog. :) You can pick up your award at

Thanks for the great ideas!


Hi- My goal is to actually take a break. :)

Thanks so much!

Terri Thomas

Hi I love your website! Everything is so useful. My to do list is getting to kids off to college this September!

Molly Ann

My summer goal is to rearrange my classroom. I am working to make my classroom library the center of the room. I am having a lot of fun with it so far!
Thank you for sharing your writing goals!

DeAnna Cox

My main goal this summer has been to declutter my house.


Organizing at home and school. I did make 5 crate seats and now need to organize my files to go inside. Love your writing goals! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you all for sharing your goal for the summer. Feel free to share with me and will still share my writing goals. If you didn't leave your email and would like a copy (or if I missed you) please just leave another comment and I'll get it to you asap!!

Shelley Carter

My goal is to organize all the teaching materials I have collected over the years. Unfortunately my summer is almost over and I have not made a lot of progress!!

Loving it in first

I started in first last year and was stuck in an extra room that was 1/3 of the size of the regular rooms. This year I get a Big girl room, YEAH. I will be spending the rest of summer getting moved and organized in my new space. I am so excited.


Hmmm...I'm probably too late for this, but I really had 2 big summer goals. One was to get my son prepared for his first year of college. The other was to get my classroom books sorted. First one completed...second one not so much.

Sandra Bustos

my fall goals are to.get my kids started on AR amd to do the bucket seats you

Kristi Ouellette

My goal is to have a happy balance between my school and home life. I feel like I spent too much time working at school. My school goal is to have a writing rubric, but would love to use your goals as a starting place...
Here's my email:


For everyone that has not received my Writing Goals by email....I finally am able to offer it for free on TpT, so I added a link to it in my post. Here it is:



My goal this summer is to get my classroom organized!

Alyssa Montuoro

I would love a copy!! My summer goal is to ENJOY it! Getting married and going on our honeymoon so I made a promise to myself to not try to consume myself with work and prepping for September!

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