Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Few More Pics of My Room....

I spent a few more hours at school again today. And with the help of my daughter I erased several things off my to-do list!

But first-as promised a picture of my hanging names! Love them!

Also got to label my math station tubs/drawers. I only did 6 last year with students working in small groups. I decided I like partners much better so that's why so many tubs!

We cleaned up and straightened up my poetry station. I was hanging "later in the year" poems on those top hooks and my daughter asked..."how are they going to reach those?". I literally laughed out loud! Never a dull moment.

I actually did this the other day, but I organized all those zillion manipulatives/games for my stations into supply tubs. It might actually be easier to find things this year!

The before and after of a project right up my daughters alley! Duct tape table for word work station. (I took the legs home to spray paint. For some reason the blue does nothing for me!)

And today was labeling day-labels for writing tub, graded papers, intervention tub, student files, closet hooks, mailboxes and lunch chart. Yikes! That was a lot of labels. Some I did numbers so I shouldn't have to redo next year, but others were student names. I am waiting til the day before school starts to adhere many of them. I hate when I gain/lose students those few days before school starts-always messes with abc order!

And finally a pic of student book baskets-including their number and 2 clips to check out books from the classroom library.

Oh-I cannot forget a big thanks to Molly for cleaning out/organizing my indoor recess games! That was a task I was avoiding for sure!

One more day in my room and I should be good to go! Yeah!


Lisa R.

What a cute idea!! I love the hanging names!! I don't know if I'd be able to do that because of our alarm going off, but it's so adorable! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

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