Sunday, October 7, 2012

Numbers, Fluency, Birthdays, Common Core and Teacher Evaluations!

What do all those things have to do with one another??  Just another random catch up post of course.  I really wish I had time to post regularly...I think I've said this before but I really don't know how some people do it!!  I appreciate them doing it because I just love reading their blogs!  I looked at my last several blog posts titles and they usually say "I'm Back!" and/or "{FREEBIES!}  I love giving stuff away and catching up, but it's all I seem to do!

So, I finally sucked it up and paid for a TpT freebie license so I could post my freebies on there instead of on Google Docs all the time.  Beware, there are lots of links to a bunch of freebies I just posted on TpT.....Time for a Happy Dance!!!

I am sure there are many out there feeling the pressure from Common Core, as well as new teacher evaluations.  I am no exception!  Lots of changes to prove that I am (and have been) doing what I am supposed to be doing.  One thing is really being organized and keeping documents.  We also have been doing alot more pre/post testing--which leads to more and more checklists!  We need to say/and have posted our goals for that days lessons.  Well, we started with some common core standards posting but found that it wasn't working out so well for us.  We are not required (yet) to post the common core standards being addressed.  So, our grade level decided to post a more simplified version that aligned with our curriculum. I have a goal posted for reading, math, fluency, writing, and phonics.  Phonics is the only one that pretty much changes daily-which is much more manageable.

I was inspired by the idea of how to display them from my colleague down the hall that used sheet protectors.  I actually laminated a full sheet of construction paper after gluing "Today's Goal:" to the top.  Then I taped a sturdier clear book cover to the bottom to create a pocket.  (I used my zebra duck tape of course!  Now my goals slide in and out easily and they can hold quite a few goals in the pocket for storage.  Also, because I used a heavier clear pastic material, I can write and rewrite on the using a dry erase marker.  (This is useful in phonics where we review letters/sounds and all I have to do is change the letter/lette rcombination that we are doing that day.)

With our new evaluations, we are alot more responsible to show growth in certain areas.  A major frustration for me has always been all the MClass testing we have to do....and never use for classroom instruction--I know they use it for the data wall and usually the resultsare what I have already observed in the classroom.  So, since they will look at the data to see if my class has shown growth as part of my evaluation, it definitely gives me more of a purpose to include it within my day.  Our grade level decided to include a part of it on the report card to make it more intentional as well.  I made 2 powerpoints to use on my projector to use a daily math warm up.  One is to practice identifying missing numbers and another can be used for either number identification OR next number.  I plan on showing parts of them at a time (because there are alot of slides) and either have students say answers orally or write them on dry erase boards.  These slideshows can be downloaded from TpT for free.  Just click on the picture.

Missing Number Slideshow

Number Identification/Next Number slideshow
To practice fluency with a purpose I implemented Open Mic Friday.  I may have already posted this, but here's a link again to my free poster.  {Pinterest Inspired}

I finally posted my kiddos birthdays on my new jungle themed birthday chart.  Click on the picture and make one of your own-for FREE!

I finally got my math stations going!  Man, do I need to get faster at getting them going.  It sure would have been a lot easier to get my MClass testing done if I had.  I am doing 6 basic stations, but with 2 versions of them so students are only working with 1 other person--so much quieter this way.  I have a "teach me" station (they get to teach their partner), a "pocket chart" station (basic sorting/matching/sequencing activities), a "hands-on fun" station (get to play with manipulatives), a "math games" station (play any games we have learned during math), a "time me" station (time eachother for 1 min using activities from MClass), and a "numbers/math fact" station (writing numbers or practicing math facts).  I typed up I Can lists after we learned/discussed each station and decided what activities would be where.  We have been doing them for 3 days now and so far so good!  The hard part is changing/adding/taking away activities.  Hopefully we will get a handle on this as well!  I have a talkative group, but they sure catch on quickly!  If you want a copy of my I Can lists or the numbers I used to put on my tubs and around my room, click the picture below.  (Again, for Free!)
My numbers/math facts station focuses on writing numbers neatly and reading/writing nuymbers 0-120 right now.  {We just started our math facts, so they will be added soon.}  I did make some number grids and a number blast off game to go into that station.  I use dry erase pockets so students can choose what activity to do and can do over and over again without using tons of paper.  It aligns with Common Core Standard 1 NBT.1  These can be found at my TpT store.  {It is the only thing in this post for sale- but only for a $1}  Check it out by clicking on the picture. 

If you survived and read this whole post, I hope you found some useful things.  Thank you for checking in with me...even if I only check in every now and then.  Leave me a comment so I know you stopped by!



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