Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Did you hear that? Me neither! {A Behavior A-ha Moment}

I have been MIA because I was busy enjoying my week-long break for Thanksgiving!  It was great having a week off, but it took forever to get here because we didn't have any kind of Fall I am already counting down to Christmas Break!  Anyways, I did manage to accomplish something during break.

I remember seeing the behavior clip charts on eveyone's blogs during the summer, but I didn't really look into them because I have been content with the way I was doing things.  Well, I decided to look into them after 10 weeks of dealing with 3 very different behavior problems in my room.  (As well as trying to address those super kiddos that can do no wrong....where was their incentive??)  So, after 3 full days of using a behavior clip chart, I am in heaven!  Today was my a-ha moment.  I have been gradually explaining all the parts of this new system and today it finally made sense to the kids and they were actually striving to do the best they could do....all because of one moment.  It was writing time, I did my mini-lesson, the kids knew what they were to do when they got to their seats, so as they headed back I let them know that anyone on purple or white were allowed to sit anywhere during writing time and write.  What?!?  I wish I would have caught their faces on camera because they were priceless!  So, my 5 or 6 students on purple moved around the room and EvErYoNe got started and not a peep was heard during writing time.  I never even heard a sneeze!  First time EVER that has happened!  Writing is in the morning and let's just say the rest of the day was PERFECT.  They love earning freedoms and privileges.....another no-cost incentive for good behavior!  Love it! 

If you are interested in my Jungle Theme Behavior Clip Chart it is for sale at my TpT store.  Click on the preview pick to go to my store.

(If you purchase my behavior clip chart I couldn't get the parent letter to save right in the pdf file, so here is a link to it, as well as a weekly communication sheet in portrait format. Just click on the picture!)

Usually I dread the chaotic weeks before Christmass Break, but I am actually looking forward to tomorrow....not our Thursday am meeting though....but to see the magic of the clip chart! 


Miss J

Just found your blog!! I love your title :) I am awarding you the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for details.

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Thank you so much! More motivation to get in a regular routine of blogging!

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