Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Setting Sail on the Mayflower

So today was a great day.....for starters we had a 2 hour delay, which meant a nice 3 mile run for me before school and no rushing around to get my 2 kiddos to school.  Second of all, when the kiddos arrived we packed our bags and went on a trip on the Mayflower.  We did some of the lessons from my The First Thanksgiving unit.  (I borrowed a projector so we could tour the Mayflower using the Scholastic website in the classroom.)

I had the class sitting close together in a taped off area while they watched the journey of the Mayflower.  We talked about how uncomfortable they were in the tight space.
We also toured the Mayflower and learned how large it was.  One student questioned if it was so big, why weren't there more people.  So we discussed the parts of the ship, what they were used for and then labeled a picture of it.  They loved this!
We then talked about what we would take if we had to make the 65 day journey.  After a great discussion the kiddos had to narrow it down and "pack their suitcase."  (Most wanted to pack a toilet because they didn't want to use a chamber pot!)  Around this time my principal, the superintendent, and a board member came in for a walk through.  Yeah, they were a bit noisy as they worked and shared and talked, but it was all about what they had learned...yay!  One little boy told them that he had his bag packed and he was going on a trip.  When asked "where?"  he responded, "well, I'm going to America of course!"  It was too cute.  Before we knew it, it was lunch.  What a great morning!

And on another note....To top off the great morning, my principal shared with me this afternoon that on Monday they will be starting installation of projectors and mobies (sp?)!  Finally!  I have been waiting since my 2nd year of teaching to get my hands on a projector/smartboard....This is my 12th year of teaching!  I am super excited about this news and CAN NOT wait!  

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.....


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