Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reviving My Classity Class

Friday was such a great day for this teacher and her students!

I revived my class from a lul in the excitement department.....ever have those moments???

Thursday night I spent some time watching YouTube videos after my kiddos went to bed and the hubby went to Cage Fitness class. I came across some whole brain teaching videos that I have never seen before, so Friday we tried it all out!

We used the mirror for fluency and math. I will have to say that the fluency went over well and fun was had by all. I used a penguin poem while we tried out some motions and expression! Hilarious!

We celebrated throughout the day with "10 and 12 finger woos".

We stood up and EVERYONE pushed in their chairs with "bodies and chairs."

We applied the brakes when retelling facts about penguins and polar bears to emphasize where the punctuation goes.

We even sang a new line up song that got us moving a bit.

We tried blowing answers into our hands then releasing them together...that still needs more practice because I usually use a partner whisper.

But the best part that made me laugh til tears when telling a colleague about it was sitting down at the rocker. I always say "criss cross" and they say "applesauce" as they sit. Then I usually go on to say "hands and eyes" to get them focused on me. But I saw on you tube the use of "spoons in your bowls". I have never seen so many puzzled looks from my firsties. But they got it and got into it. We were reading about polar bears when I was distracted by a lil firstie that decided to pretend to eat his applesauce out of his bowl with his spoon! Now I know it is hard to visualize but if you get a chance to try "spoons in your bowls" I guarantee a good chuckle! So if you are a whole brain/power teacher you have to check out some of these videos.

"oiled" hand-water drips right of
Blubber Glove
We also did a Sci Fri activity. We found out how polar bears and penguins stay warm. We used the graphic organizer from here. The kiddos loved it and want to try it out at home. Pretty sure some parents won't be happy with this :)
Left hand "oil", right hand no "oil"

2 thumbs up for a Friday with no special!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Last but not least, I finished up a set of reading games and posters that go with my jungle theme. They are for sale at my TpT store.


Heather's Heart

Hi Carrie! I just found your wonderful blog and am your newest follower! I am excited to go explore more.

I would love for you to come visit me if you get the chance! =)

Heather's Heart


Thank you so much! Heading over for a visit right now ;)

Melissa Smith

Thanks for the Liebster Award! I am now following you...and just took a professional day (while I traveled with my hubby) to amp up my WBT as well!!!! LOOOVVEE it. This is my first year and it has made a huge difference. I watched several of the webcasts for prof. development credit. I want to start using the timer more and making it more of a "game"! Also, haven't introduced the super improvers wall, but plan on doing that soon. Looking forward to looking over your blog and keeping in touch.


So glad you stopped by! I love the things I have added. Everything I know about WBT has come from YouTube videos and WBT website. I kept it low key last year when I began it and have been adding things slowly. I am unfamiliar with the super improvers wall and using the timer more like you mentioned. Would love to learn more about that though! I will be in touch...:)

The Bubblegum Tree

Great videos! Thanks for posting. I'm a new follower : ) Love your blog!

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