Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sci Fri for President's Day and a {FREEBIE}

We were not so lucky as others to get a four-day President's Weekend, so I tried to make the best of it by adding a bit of an experiment into the day.  I was lucky to have my 5th grade daughter here at school with me to help out. (We live in another school district that DID have a 4 day she got to come to work with me while my first grader spent the day at a friends.)

I like to call it "Wet Presidents."  First, we made predictions as to how many drops of water would fit onto a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter and wrote them down in crayon (so we wouldn't try to change our answers).  I have to say that the guesses were really low so I knew they would be into this to see how many actually would fit.

Then we began our experiment.  One partner did the drops while the other kept track with the tally marks.  (We of course switched for each coin!)  Then when it spilled everywhere we stopped and counted the tally marks.  AmAzInG!!!  They couldn't believe their answers.

So we talked in "first grade talk" why so much water would fit and what were some good tips to follow to get the most water on the coin.  We had some extra time left so they got to do it again with 2 new variations--try to beat the number of drops from the first time AND use a magnifying glass to check out the drops on the coins.  Way cool! 

Get your directions and tally sheet {HERE!}


The Bubblegum Tree

Fun! I love the name sci fri! Thanks for the freebie.

Srta. Graham

The pool noodle fries are genious. Did you just cut sections of the styrofoam? Brilliant! I'm thinking of making something with the fries containers for next year. Great idea.


Thank you! Yes I did! Easy to make and to reuse. Have fun!

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