Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrating 100+ Followers Giveaway Contest!!!

I have been MIA and while I was, I reached 105 followers!!! Wow! I do believe that deserves a celebration of a freebie! I don't have anything right now, but I hope to very soon! I believe it will be ready in a short TIME from now....until then I can do a giveaway!  Keep reading.....

I just updated my Literacy Workstation "I Can" task cards, which took forever but long overdue! I don't know about you, but we were getting in a slump of blah-ness and needed some new tasks. So my Firsties and I came up with a few and now I have over 80 task cards for only $5.50 at my TpT store. Be sure to check them out! I keep adding to it and would love to hear ideas of what else I can add.  Here are the tasks included:

Phonics Station
·       ABC puzzle
·       ABC game
·       rhyming dominoes
·       word wall spinners
·       code words
·       sight word Candyland
·       Roll, Code, Keep
·       ABC ball toss
·       play popcorn game
·       rhyming puzzle
·       word families
·       power towers
·       Sight word Uno
·       sort words
ABC/Word Station
·       magnets
·       stamps
·       play Boggle
·       play-doh
·       play scrabble
·       play roll and say
·       Tic, tac, toe
·       partner’s back
·       build words with letter blocks
·       magnadoodles
·       word wall spinners
·       power towers
·       play hangman
Classroom Library
·       read the pictures
·       read words
·       graphic organizer
·       play reading game
·       retell the story
·       draw mental pic
·       reading spinner
·       choose new books
Big Book
·       read a big book
·       read nursery rhyme chart
·       reading spinner
·       read with a partner
·       fill out graphic organizer
·       look for rhymes
·       underline rhyming words
·       use a pointer
·       hunt for words
·       hunt for digraphs, contractions, compound words
Pocket Chart Station
·       sort names by letters, boys, girls
·       sort by syllables
·       rhyming memory
·       match contractions
·       match vocabulary words
·       match names to pictures
·       sort rhyming words
·       make compound words
·       match rhyming words
·       make sentences
·       make words
·       sort words by sounds
Listening Station
·       listen to story
·       draw mental pic
·       reading spinner
·       play a reading game
·       draw and label the characters
·       draw and label setting
·       fill out graphic organizer
Buddy Reading
·       read the pictures
·       read the words
·       play reading game
·       reading spinner
·       retell the story
·       fill out graphic organizer
Overhead Station
·       do an overhead
·       spell using letter tiles
·       circle rhyming words in poems
·       fill out graphic organizer
Poetry Station
·       highlight rhyming words
·       put poem in order
·       find digraphs, suffixes, long vowels, etc
·       read poems to partner
·       draw mental pic
·       copy poem
Fluency Station
·       read letters
·       read words
·       read phrases
·       read nonsense words
·       read poems
·       play a fluency game

If you are interested in winning a *free* copy of my Literacy Workstation "I Can" Task Cards, here's what to do: very simply follow my blog and answer 1 simple question.  The person closest to the correct answer wins! 

How many fonts do I currently have downloaded onto my laptop??

Also, anyone that blogs about my giveway and lets me know will be entered into a chance at winning any 1 product at my TpT store.  I don't know how to do that random generator thing so I may have to manually pull a name out of a hat...

Good luck!  Giveaway ends St. Patrick's Day Eve!!!  Winners announced St. Patrick's Day morning!! 



Congrats on the big 100!! :) I follow your blog and I think you have around 400 different fonts on your laptop?! (Haha I'm using the "go big or go home" strategy).

Cheers to School


Thank you! You could be the winner by default if you are the only entry! Love the the way, fonts are one of many obsessions!!


See Andrea, you did win! Guess no one wanted the prize but you! I hope you can use my workstation task cards. There are over 80 tasks right now. If you have any requests for new tasks feel free to email and I will add them! Look in your email tomorrow for your surprise!

Oh yeah, I have 683 fonts. Go big!

Owl Things First

683 fonts! I was going to guess 324. I was a day late and a dollar short!! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for the great ideas!



Well shoot! I don't know how come I wasn't following you already! Congratulations on you 100 followers! I just made it 111. I'm enjoying looking back at your older posts!

First Grade Delight


Thank you!!

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