Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's {FREEBIE} Fry Time!

It all started last weekend when I took my son to McDonald's after a long trip to get the oil changed...his reward for being patient and good!  So he opens up his happy meal and brings out the cutest french fry container!  I hadn't realized they changed how they did the happy meals because it's been forever since we have gone.  Anyways, he pulls that container out and I immediately remember an idea I saw a while back about fact families and fries.  So I got the manager to donate a bunch of containers and this is what I came up far!

Since we are working on fact families right now, I decided to set up a math station that sorts the facts into the correct container.  I made the fries out of a pool noodle and wrote the facts with a sharpie.  The best part is with a wet cloth you can wipe them off and reuse again for different facts or a whole different sort!  Love it!

I also made a follow up sheet to practice writing fact families after the sort.  Of course, after I did all the work I googled "french fry fact families" and found the post to the original idea.  My activity is slightly different, but I could have saved myself some time with the worksheets by just using hers.  Here is the link for the original idea...thanks to Christie at First Grade Fever for the idea. 

I also used some of the containers and fries I made to do a review rhyming sort.  I also created a follow up sheet. (The picture is sideways, but you get the idea.)  My kiddos love sorting activities and were excited to see these new ways to sort!

If you are interested in my french fry sorting sheets, you can find them {HERE}!


Samantha B

This is awesome! I am going to make this! Love it!


Thank you! My firsties love it! Easy/cheap to make too! enjoy!

April Kreitzer Wolfe

I am your newest follower. I am so glad I found your blog.


Darci J. Harland

Are you kidding me??? This is great stuff! I can't wait to use the math fact portion of this download! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Ya know how you pin stuff you'll never actually use, Not this. I've already downloaded and printed it, its in my "To Laminate" folder, and I've set out a facebook blast to all my friends to start saving their french fry containers!

I'm not sure about the "fries," I've not see such little "noodles" so I'll probably just roll up yellow paper, any other suggestions?



What about using popsicle sticks painted yellow? Just use a marker to write the words. You can always paint over and change words. Or laminate yellow construction paper and cut to fry size so you can use dry erase marker--might rub off too easily though.


Great idea. Thanks!

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