Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hooray for 100 Day!!!

Wednesday was our 100th day of school. Out of my 12 years of celebrating 100 day, I believe this was the best one yet! There were no breakdowns or whining about the activities...not even from the kids!! We started the day out by finishing up our 100 word hunt then switched classes for craft/activity time. They got to play games, go on a hunt, and sort M&Ms in the other rooms. When they got back to me we did our 100 day snack while working on a picture of what they will look like when they are 100. They turned out so cute! (Thanks to Deanna Jump's activity packet. We added the writing the next day.) If you want a copy of the writing handout, click HERE.  After lunch and recess we shared our 100 day collection, did 100 math facts, then counted how many times we could clap, say our abc's, and hop in 100 seconds. That was probably my favorite because it was HiLaRiOuS!!! After another recess break we ended the day with another craft-100 designs. These turned out cute so I copied them to put into a class book. What a great day! All of these activities can be found in my FREEBIE at TpT.
100 year old display
Working on 100 year old picture
Sorting/counting 100 crayons

100 dots on her fingernails for her 100 collection
Showing off 100 3-d design (the 1 pops out)

Sharing 100 collections
Hopping for 100 seconds

100 design



I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

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You are so very welcome!

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