Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Intervention Kit {FREEBIES}!!!

As promised, I am here to give a little more info, as well as some changes I have made to my intervention kit mentioned in an earlier post.  If you missed that can see it HERE.  As you can see in the picture to the left I was keeping notes in that little green notebook.  Well, that has changed.  In each student's folder is a bit more comprehensive sheet containing testing info.  Also, there is an individualized note taking sheet for any interventions that they get.  In the front of my kit are my notes of what students need what interventions so I can group as needed. 
Here is what I am doing...
* As soon as I see a need for an intervention in a one on one setting or in a small group, I make a note of it on my monthly planning sheet.
* When I meet with those students I work with them and take notes on their progress (or lack of) on their individual intervention notes sheet.
*All of these notes are kept in student files in my intervention kit.  This makes it easy for other teachers/aids/helpers to pick up where I left off.
*In the student folders I also keep flashcards of sight words or math facts that that student may need extra practice on.
*Sometimes I throw in papers that just need correcting-in a one on one fashion.
*With some tweaks, this kit is keeping me organized and accountable.
**An added bonus is that it is portable!!  I can take it to the computer lab or the library to work with students!

Here are your {FREEBIES}!!!  (Just click on the caption!)

Individual Student Intervention Notes

Monthly Intervention Planning

Oral Reading Observation Checklist

Student Info sheet


**UPDATED- I just uploaded these documents to TpT in a Zip file.  Click on any caption or HERE!!

I would love to hear whether or not this was helpful!

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I can't wait to use your individual student intervention form. I've been looking for ways to organize my rti information. Thank you for sharing yours!


I love these but am unable to download or print them. Help!

Fantastic 1st Grade

Mrs. Olsovsky

Wow, this is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing :)


I also love these but I am also unable to download them! It says "unable to download-too many redirects"! Help!!

Ms. H.

Love your resources and blog (just became a follower ;). I was able to download "student info." after clearing out my cookies (under preferences) Hope this helps out.



Thank you for your tips and freebies on intervention! I'm your newest follower!! Like the other gals, I wasn't able to download or print them! Help please!

Cheers to School


These are great, thanks so much for sharing, I am so glad I found your blog! I'm your newest follower!!


I have updated the links to a zip file on TpT so just click again and it should work now! Guess there was a problem with the google documents! Thank you so much for joining my blogging family and leaving such kind comments!


I can't believe I never thought to put this kind of thing in a filebox! Thank you for the ideas!!!


I have followed the link to teacherspayteachers but it wont allow me to download. Any tips?


I love this idea! Thank you! What a great way to document everything for yourself and anyone else who needs to see it!

Can you tell me what your abbreviations on your student info sheet mean under reading? THANKS!

Kristin Young

These are great!! I'm a new follower and a freebie fan too. Come over and download some! :)

Samantha B

This is great! Thanks from a fellow first grade teacher and blogger! Stop by my blog and say hi!
-A new follower

Anne Tussing

Thanks for your great ideas:)


You are all so welcome! The abbreviations under reading are from DIBELS testing that we do from the state. Basically it is nonsense word fluency, oral reading fluency, phoneme, segmentation tests. They are all 1 minute and are verbally done using a palm pilot or tablet. We do them at the beginning, middle and end of year to hopefully show grow. We are required to work with the kiddos that are below the required level on a weekly basis. Clear as mud? Hope that helps a bit!

Amy H

I was also unable to download or open the files. I love how organized you are!


I love this! I am going to link this post on my next organizing Monday post. I am your newest follower.

Would love if you came and checked out my blog.


Thank you so much! I have loved using it this year and tweaking it as time goes on. Heading over to check out your blog now....thanks again!!!

**For those having trouble with the zip files, I will be compiling into a single PDF this afternoon!


I found your blog through this great pinterest post. I am your newest follower and I am awarding several of the new blogs I am following with the Versatile Blogger award! Swing by my blog to check it out! I look forward to seeing all of your great ideas!

Miss Allison's Class


your links do not work.


I have checked all my links and they are working just fine! Try again! :)

The Wise Owl

Hi! Just found your blog and can't wait to check out your intervention pack. Thanks for posting!


PS-Stop by my blog if you have a chance!

Danika and Kiera's Mom

These are wonderful, thanks so much for sharing. I am a new follower and look forward to your updates.
Thanks so much.

Sarah Winchell

Hi there,
I would love to cross blog and share some freebies. Here is my blog.
I Dream of First Grade
Just let me know what you think. Your newest follower,

Andrea Sundman

Hi Carrie,
You have a lot of great ideas on here. When teaching in an RTI model a lot of intervention teachers get stuck with teaching very strict programs (Like Wilson's). Do you have any advice for ways to make these programs more interesting for kids when you are forced to teach out of a box? Thanks!

stephanie nobles

Hi! Found you on Pintrest. Love your site! Very helpful! I drive a school bus & am looking outside the box! For this coming year! Thanks!

Qxmsass Seo

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Michelle Dierker

Thank you for these awesome resources!! Someone linked to you on Pinterest and I am so grateful to have found these resources for next year! :)

Leslie Lim

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.


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