Sunday, September 25, 2011

**UPDATED Soggy Saturday=Lots of Checks on my To-Do List

**UPDATED POST (see below)

After a very wet soccer game this morning, I headed into school to work on my loooong to-do list.  I am proud to say that I got a lot accomplished....finally!  So here I am sharing what I have been working on.

First on  the list...change  my bulletin board.  We just finished week 6 and I have had the same bulletin board up since day 2.  I am trying something new so I can easily change out projects and not only display art projects but other academic work.  I hotglued clothespins to a piece of cardboard and stapled them on the wall near my vines.  I then added some leaves on top of the clothespins to mask them a bit.  I was trying to come up with a catchy saying to keep up all year, but I am not sure.  "Treemendous Work" ?!



Next on the list...organize myself for parent helpers and interventions.  So I put together a file box with student names where I can easily put work to be corrected with parents, flashcards or any other things that my students need help with.  There are directions on the lid as well as a ziploc bag of materials and a notebook to keep track of the help given.  The nice thing is...I can use it too when I get a few extra minutes (LOL)!

 **I just posted some more information on my kit, as well as some great {FREEBIES} to use to help get/stay organized when it comes to interventions.  Just click on the word {FREEBIES.}

My "Intervention Kit"

Intervention Instructions

Wanted: Poetry Station.  So I finally figured out how to get this station going.  We have been working on poetry almost since day 1 for fluency purposes.  I decided to carry them over to my new poetry station.  Space is limited in the classroom so I had to get a bit creative.  It is located on the inside of our classroom closet door.  To keep it organized I clipped the sentence strips together with a binder clip as well as the title of the poem on the outside.  Then I could hang the poems up on the closet wall (with the use of a pushpin).  I put all of the poems we have worked on in a binder and put that in a tray, also attached to the wall with pushpins.  I also made some highlighter pieces to use to highlight rhyming words in the pocket chart.These are in a baggie in the tray.  So when students go to poetry station they can: (a) read poems in the binder (b) arrange poems in the pocket chart (c) highlight the rhyming words.  We just started talking about visualizing as well so I will add some new poems to read then draw a picture of their mental images.  Whew!  That was are a few pics.

Inside the closet

Highlighter transparency

On the door

I also put up a Boggle board for my stations and my new agenda slips that include pics and times for my firsties that kept asking "is it time for....?"and "what does that say?"

*Pinterest inspired
Free letters available at my Teachers Notebook store
Love my new agenda cards!

More organization complete....overhead letter tiles are organized and ready to be used thanks to Pinterest!  Also made a file tub for graded papers throughout the week.  That way on Fridays when I work on my students' weekly reports all their week's work is ready to go!
Ice cube trays for my overhead tiles
As I grade papers, they get filed in student files to go home Friday!

I am exhausted, not only from the work I did today but from this long post!  I am hoping this makes up for the lack of blogging since school started.  Now....time to relax and enjoy the rest my weekend!



I'm a senior in college... going to be a teacher.. &just saw your blog while browsing through images on pininterst.. I just have to say i LOVE your intervention kit.. what a great idea!! That'll be so quick for volunteers&so organized!!

Miss A.


For some reason, I am unable to download your freebies for intervention. Would you be willing to share via email? If so, my email is

Thank you so much!


L is updated and should be easily downloaded from TpT. Thanks!

Miss. Czerney

This is so great! I started something like this, but not nearly as organized. I tried to download the freebies, but they didn't download right. Would you mind sending them to my email?


Kristen Widener

I'm going to be new to Kindergarten after teaching 1st & 2nd the last 4 years. Where do you get your poems to use in your center? I would LOVE to have a poetry center if I can find enough resources to make it.



Kristen I started out getting my poems from the various sources I already had on hand. I did a lot of nursery rhymes to start with then moved on to some poems that were found online. A teacher friend and I started taking turns finding poems. We used for fluency in the morning then they moved into the poetry station. Once you get started with what you have, it gets a little easier finding good poems to use. Scholastic has several sight word poem books too. I purchased them mid year with plans to use this upcoming year at the beginning. I would like to compile the poems I use and offer them on TpT sometime this year.

Mrs. S.

Thanks for sharing!

♥ Melly♥

Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

Amy Press

Thanks for sharing your great ideas! The intervention files for classroom helpers is brilliant. I can imagine it saving so much time with not having to stop to give directions each time someone comes in to help. I love the files of graded work organized, too. I struggle with passing out papers (and remembering to do it). Your idea is going to help me so much. Thank you!!!

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