Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Favorite 100 Day Activities {FREEBIE}

January 24th was supposed to be our 100th day, but since we used a Snow Day on Friday, it will be the 25th.  So it's time to get stuff out and start planning!  As I took out my *ginormous* folder,  I knew it was time to go through it and take some stuff out.  That folder was started back in 2001, my first year of teaching, and I have been adding to it ever since--not taking anything out.  Included were ideas from everywhere-magazines, books, websites, teachers, etc.  Every year I go through the folder and choose what I am going to use and I spend a lot of time doing this because I reread the various papers, although I tend to choose the same activities.  So I decided to change it up and get organized!  {*ORGANIZED* is kinda my word this home and at school.}  We'll see how long it lasts....but anyways...I perused the internet and all my papers and books for my favorite 100 Day Activities and put them altogether in one one document....and online!  I updated, tweaked, cleaned up and added to the activities.  I made simple directions to follow and added some visuals, as well as changed up some formatting and fonts.  And now I am passing it on to you...for FREE!  Just click on the picture below!  Enjoy! 
**On a side note....These ideas are not my own, just my organiziation and wording so I didn't feel right about making money off of a bunch of ideas that everyone already uses. I hope you can find it useful.  If you do, please leave me a comment!  Also, join my little blogging family to keep up with classroom happenings and my FREEBIES. 



Thanks so much for the freebie. I found it on TPT, which in turn led me to your blog. I am joining your blog and hope you will join mine also. I have just joined the world of blogging and I'm a newbie!



thanks for sharing :)


You are both so welcome! Just so you know, I re did the font on the printable sheets beause when I printed/copied them they didn't show up very good. Feel free to download the document again so the font shows up better :)

Kim @ The Educators' Spin On It

Thank you so much for sharing. We're getting ready to help our our children's classes at school and this is a great resource of ideas!

Nicole Heinlein

This is a great packet! I used it last year and will use it again this year!
Teaching With Style

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