Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finally Done!

So I have been working in my room for several weeks at night after my husband gets home so I don't have to drag my kiddos into the hot school or send them to a sitter and I have been getting home late with no energy left to blog.  I have gotten a lot done, but yet have so much to do...and I have my firsties on Monday!  Better start on those lesson plans....huh?  Here are a few of the things I have been working on...all new this year since I have never done the theme thing before.
My bulletin board outside my room

Jungle Job chart (need pics of my new firsties)

Bulletin board inside my classroom

Classroom library

Obviously where students put their homework folders :)

A portion of my word wall above my windows

The front of my room now that I put up the whiteboard

Math manipulatives

Agenda chart

The view from the doorway

Desks ready for student arrival

The view from my desk

Oops....a project unfinished....voice levels...still need to add level 3&4

My version of a sticker chart....uses stamps...stays right on their desk

**All of the printable things you saw in the pics are for sale in my TpT store....and more!  Please check them out!  (I am going to try to combine all my jungle products to purchase together for a discounted price.)  Also, I do have many things for free in my store as well!

So that's my room....can't wait for my kiddos to show up on Monday!


Ms. Preppy

Your room is adorable! I love your desk arrangement! And your sticker chart! So cute!

Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

Marisa K.

I love your classroom! Would you share how you made your palm tree!? :)


I actually learned how to do it this summer from another blogger....unfortunately I can't remember who! Thats what happens when you stalk waaay too many blogs. So without taking any credit....I used a heavy cardboard mailing tube, paper grocery bags, an umbrella, bulletin board paper, and a hot glue gun. I cut open the bottom of the bag, slid it over the tube and squished it down. I kept doing it to create the many layers. I stuck it in a pot filled with little rocks to keep it steady. To create the top I used an old umbrella and attached bulletin board palm tree leaves with a hot glue gun. Then I stuck the opened umbrella down the tube. I hope that helps somewhat!

Michelle Woods

You are absolutely talented! I am a new teacher and decided I would use the jungle theme mainly because I had a few pieces given to me by friends. Then sadly, I am having a difficult time finding other cute pieces to decorate my room ~ until I found YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your ideas! Can you tell me where you got your "worthy words" and "daily excursion" signs? Thank you again, I feel there is hope afterall :)


Thanks Michelle. I got those signs from our local teacher store. It was in a jungle themed packet. I laminated them and wrote the words. It might be from the Trend company. Not sure. Good luck this year! Enjoy every second!

♥ S.

I love your sticker charts in the library pocket on the desk! I have to that the year is half-way through, do they pick at/mess with them a ton? How do you keep them from doing it? I've discovered that I need to change some of my classroom management techniques when we come back from break, and have considered the personal sticker/stamp charts, so I was just wondering! Thanks so much!

Sarah Reed
First Class First Grade

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